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How to Avoid Hormone Chaos When Traveling

Have you ever skipped a period when being on holiday? Constipation? Feeling off and tired when you come back?

Well, as much as you’ll most likely enjoy going on holidays, it’s stress for your body: temperature changes, time zone changes, airplane travel (and food yikes), going off your routine, eating different foods (especially the bad ones you may normally avoid), less or poor sleep…

Your body or rather your brain likes routine and dislikes anything that interferes with it. And when your brain is stressed, your hormones are suffering too!

When it comes to hormone balance, what throws you off is:

  • Disrupted routine

  • Poor sleep

  • Increased stress

  • Digestive distress (that often comes with increased stress *sigh*)

  • Yes and perimenopause, but let’s not focus on “age related” hormone imbalance here ;-)

koala with fat belly; belly fat

And, yes, disrupting your routine is kind of the point of traveling and you probably don’t want to eat the same food on holidays that you eat at home…So don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you at all to stay at home and not try out different foods at ALL! But let's be honest: who wants to walk around with a 3 months pregnant belly at all but even more so when it's time to show off your bathing suit!?

I just wanted to share some tips with you on how to support your body so that it is better at adapting 🙂

Any of you know travel constipation? I sure do!

And constipation is not only annoying because you’re getting that 3 months pregnant belly, it’s also interfering with hormone balance as you won’t clear your used up hormones but they’ll sit in your intestines and get reabsorbed again.

So here are some tips on what things can help keep you regular when traveling:

  1. Water! You need to drink enough and even more if you’re traveling on a plane. This will help with regularity and detox

  2. Move: walk around the airport, at rest stops, and every chance you get. And that doesn’t only apply to traveling by plane but also other transport means and when being at your destination

  3. Eat your veggies so you get enough fiber that will help support your gut motility, satiety and keep your good bugs happy. Also, be curious and eat veggies or roots you don’t know, it will help diversify the bacteria in your gut!

  4. Poop support: if the basics above don’t help, then it’s time to bring in some extra support:

smooth move tea; constipation
  • Magnesium citrate pulls water into your intestines and can help you go (but also cause loose stools so caution here). Magnesium bisglycinate is a better choice for stress, sleep, and hormone support. But if you need to get your bowels moving, magnesium citrate is your ally.

    • Bio Revive Kinetic: this botanical formula naturally supports the upper gastrointestinal tract and gut motility.

    • Probiotics: this is my go to probiotic (ProFlora 4R) for anyone with a sensitive digestive tract. It will not only support the good bugs but also support your gut lining

    • Senna tea: senna is a natural laxative and can help with constipation. Although careful here, it’s also hard on your intestines so you don’t want to use it often. There’s a great blend by Traditional Medicinals called “Smooth Move” it also tastes very nice.

    • If you’re struggling with the contrary, activated charcoal will help with diarrhea and soaking up toxins. Gi Detox + is a great product that’s a mix of different detox agents for your colon. Simple active charcoal from your local shop will at least help with the diarrhea if you are looking for a cheaper option.


For me it’s out of the question that I will eat anything being served to me on a plane, plus I don’t have to wait for the service and can sleep when I want to 🙂. On highway stops or train stations it’s often the same: you won’t find any grass-fed, free range, wild caught protein options nor much offering of fresh veggies or low sugar snacks. So even if you’re as picky as me, having some healthy snacks with you surely can’t hurt plus it will keep the travel tummy troubles away.

Here’s a list of travel snack ideas that will pass airport security:

Protein & Fat

  • Nuts and seeds: e.g. almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, or coconut chips - these are great sources of healthy fats and protein

  • Hard-boiled eggs: they can be easily packed and that way you’re sure what kind of eggs you’re eating

  • Roasted edamame beans or chickpeas - high protein and make a great salty snack or as topping for salads, veggies or soups (if I don’t find them ready I just roast them myself - also pay attention to added preservatives and sugars often in the form of glucose syrup).

  • Canned mackerel or sardines in olive oil (this makes a great lunch or breakfast together with the veggies)

  • Jerky: for my US readers, you are lucky to be able to buy EPIC bars: a protein-packed and responsibly sourced snack without added sugars or preservatives: my favorite is venison. Look for varieties without added sugars or preservatives.

  • Avocado is a great source of healthy fats that can easily be packed for traveling

Fiber & Minerals

  • Single miso soup paste - great source of fermented foods and minerals, these are great on a plane you just need to have a travel mug or ask for a cup and hot water, but I also use them as a base for salad dressing when being on holidays

  • Dry mix for chia pudding (I just make 14 servings and put them in a ziplock bag) so I can easily make breakfast (just adding plant-based milk or coconut milk & water)

  • Dried seaweed sheets - great source of iodine and other minerals

  • Fresh veggies: Zucchini, carrots or cucumbers - easy to pack and taste great raw

  • Gluten-free energy balls or bars - Look for bars made with whole foods and low in sugar, to support hormone health. Most of these bars have a whooping 18-20g of sugars per serving (or 47g per 100g). My go to are my Goji-Flax Energy Balls - they are a low sugar and gluten-free option that can be made with nuts & seeds, raw chocolate & goji berries. They are truly delicious but without spiking your blood sugar. Full of healthy fats, fiber and protein. Plus, they can be easily packed and eaten on-the-go for a quick energy boost. (see recipe on page 56 of my cookbook)

  • Seed crackers - a gluten-free and low-carb alternative to traditional crackers, that are made with seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, and flax. They’re great with avocado for a filling snack.

Detox Support

When we travel we’re exposed to more environmental toxins and we certainly can’t control our environment on holidays the same way we can at home (just think about laundry detergents, bleach, air fresheners, chlorine, restaurant food...) oh and constipation of course....

This can show up as unclear skin, fatigue, sore muscles, irritability for instance. If you want to help your body clear out some of the extra toxins, follow these tips:

  • Eat your cruciferous! They support optimal estrogen metabolism. The stress of travel can definitely take a toll on your progesterone production. And if you have constipation on top, it leaves your estrogen unchecked. For detox purposes, you really need to get a lot of them, so eating your broccoli, cauliflower etc every day is key, even better are broccoli sprouts. When you can’t have them in that quantity or you need something stronger, DIM Ultra is your best friend! It has DIM and sulforaphane, which are the key ingredients that your body needs to detox estrogen. Plus, it’s got liver supporting herbs and calcium D-glucarate to protect against any gut imbalances messing with your hormones while you travel.

  • Extra minerals like Elyte will help keep you hydrated and alkalize your body for optimal detox

  • Exercise to sweat out the toxins

  • Put a few drops of lemon essential oil (with a base of olive oil or coconut oil for better absorption) on your liver before your go to sleep

  • Use non toxic sunscreen: go back to this article for recommendations and more details.

Sleep Support

  • I also always bring my earplugs and sleep mask to be able to sleep with noise and light.

  • If you’re traveling to a different time zone, melatonin is very helpful to help your body adapt to the new time. Taking 3mg of melatonin 30 minutes before bed the first couple of days is probably all you need. Using a melatonin spray will ensure better & faster absorption.

  • If you’re generally struggling with a busy mind and getting deep sleep, Zen Sleep is my favorite product: it has calming amino acids & green tea extract that help you get some restorative sleep without any “hang over” in the morning.

  • Also try out Insight Timer: it’s a free app with tons of guided meditations for sleep: body scan, yoga nidra, breathwork…. I use it every night before I go to bed.

Prioritize relaxation! Hey you’re on holidays 🙂.

Taking time to relax can help reduce stress and support hormone balance. Consider scheduling in some downtime during your travels. I always need to remember this myself not to get too caught up in wanting to see it all when visiting a new place. While you’re planning, be sure to have some white space on your “agenda”.

I hope you find this helpful, enjoy your holidays and don’t hesitate to share your personal travel essentials :-)


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