Hi I'm Marieke

I'm a Functional Nutritional Therapist Practitioner (FNTP)

I empower women reclaim their health and live their best life by getting to the root cause(s) of their health issues. Every body is unique and requires a tailored approach to finding back into balance. 

I’ve been working with clients to transform their health through diet and natural remedies. 

My primary focus is on digestive issues, fertility & hormonal issues and chronic health conditions. 

If you’ve made all the obvious changes to your diet and lifestyle and still don’t feel better, I can help you to find out what’s really going on – and get you well. 

Working with me entails filling out a detailed intake form, a 3 to 7 day food journal, and a nutritional assessment questionnaire. This information is my starting point and will allow me to analyze which systems are out of balance and what your body needs.

I am available for consultations via phone and video chat.

My Story

I love nature, traveling and trying out new recipes. I am always curious to learn new things. I've been passionate about alternative medicine and healthy living for years. I've always found a way to heal myself with food and alternative methods or grandmother remedies. My aversion against chemical drugs must have started in my early childhood when doctors suspected I had arthritis and prescribed so much aspirin and other medication that I refused any food or other intake at one point. It turned out I didn't have arthritis but in exchange I have had to deal with migraines and digestive issues throughout my childhood and up until today.


I had my first experience with the power of food in my early 30s when I stopped following the low-fat fad and started eating a whole foods diet (and especially enough healthy fats), this helped me bring my migraines from weekly nightmares to being rare events, but it also helped me finally discover food freedom!   


Since then I’ve (almost) fixed my long-term digestive issues, transformed crippling periods into non-events, got rid of eczema and just recently learned in my last training about chronic conditions that I am now working on and already seeing a great impact in daily energy levels. I did all this through food, stress management and natural strategies. 


What credentials do I have? 

I’m a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) from Nutritional Therapy Association, Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP) where I obtained the following certifications: Mastering the Art and Science of Gastrointestinal Healing, Mastering the Art and Science of Optimizing Hormones, Mastering the Art and Science of Nutritional Blood Chemistry.

I’m a continuous learner by nature and I’m so passionate about all this that it doesn’t feel like it a task, so I wouldn’t even be able to count the number of hours I’ve put into various continuing education and seminars.


Beyond food, I consider your bio individuality, lifestyle and medical history, plus using cutting-edge testing and techniques to get to the root of what's causing your health issues.  I strongly believe that every person is unique and has his or her unique balance based on lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, social life, activities and relaxation. This is what I want to help you with: Finding (back to) your balance and vibrant health!