Are you ready to reclaim your health?

Let's face it: life is too short to just feel "ok"...

.... and our hormones have such a big impact on our quality of life (energy, mood, skin, PMS, pain, weight...) I think that everyone deserves to live their best life and I'm here to help you achieve this! 

I'm specialized in hormonal balance & fertility and dealing with chronic health conditions. Besides food as medicine and natural remedies, I also consider all other factors that might impact your health and create imbalance. I work with detailed, state-of-the-art lab tests that will help us find out what's causing your imbalance and then I'll create a protocol for you to get you back into balance!

  • If you want to look and feel your best, you are right!

  • You deserve to have enough energy to enjoy every day!

  • You deserve to enjoy food without feeling guilty.

  • You deserve to have glowing skin and stop struggling with eczema, rashes, acne...

If you’ve cleaned up your diet and are still struggling with mysterious symptoms, I can help you get to the root of what’s going on. 

Through a combination of food as medicine, cutting-edge testing, mindfulness and stress management tools, adequate exercise and high quality supplements, I will work with you to resolve chronic conditions and even the most stubborn symptoms.


If nutrition, whole foods and healthy living are brand new to you… you might want to start off with my 6-day Nutrition 101 course. This will give you a great base to get started. 

You can read about each of my core services below, and choose the path that feels most aligned with what you’re looking for. 


I am available for online consultations via zoom in English, French and German.


If a whole foods nutrition lifestyle is completely new to you, I recommend that you start off with this 6-day video course that will help you get started. You will learn about the basics about healthy fats, carbs & proteins, digestion, blood sugar balance,  minerals & hydration.

5 Pillars to hormone balance


If you are struggling with PMS, hormonal acne, menopause symptoms before your age or other hormonal imbalance and you haven't tried (honestly) managing this with your diet and lifestyle or if you just want to know how to balance your hormones naturally in  a group setting, this is the right choice for you! 


If you've tried so many things and are still feeling crappy, I can help you get to the root of what’s going on. To truly heal we need to honor your bio-individuality and figure out what YOUR body needs. With your bio individual protocol based on cutting-edge functional testing, I will work with you to resolve chronic conditions and even the most stubborn symptoms.