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  • You actually wake up pain-free and can do with your day what you want

  • You can enjoy friends & family instead of laying in bed

  • You can enjoy the sunlight

  • You can get things done 

  • You don't have to worry when the next attack will come

I've been dealing with migraines most of my life and I had all kinds of different types. I have to say that I still remember that pain, but it's been a long time since I felt it. And it did not happen over night like a miracle - no I gradually made many changes that brought me to where I am today: I changed my nutrition, I changed my exercise regime, I learnt to meditate and engaged in other mindfulness practices to help me manage my stress better and I learnt a lot about my body so that I am able to listen to it and care for it today.

The greatest impact I have seen though since I went through my gut healing protocol: that also helped get my hormones back in balance and hence get rid of my hormonal migraines. 


And this is what I am applying for my clients today to help them get migraine free: Besides food as medicine and natural remedies, I consider all other factors that might impact your health and create imbalance. I work with detailed, state-of-the-art lab tests that will help us find out what's causing your migraines, so that we can eliminate them and help you get migraine free!

  • You deserve to live pain-free!

  • You deserve to have enough energy to enjoy every day!

  • You deserve to have plans and not let a migraine come in and overrule it all!

Through a combination of food as medicine, cutting-edge testing, mindfulness and stress management tools, adequate exercise and high quality supplements, I will work with you to resolve your migraines.

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I know what it's like to be tied to bed for days avoiding the slightest movement and just trying to find a position where your head doesn't hurt as much... or making yourself sick to end the nausea and hope the pressure will ease... 

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The 4-step process to migraine freedom