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Healthy Thanksgiving/holiday meal inspiration

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Thanksgiving is coming up in the US and in Europe we’re also nearing the festive period, so I thought I’d share some recipe inspiration to help you enjoy your festive gatherings without the carb coma and blood sugar hang over ;-).

When you’re not cooking yourself but are invited to a party, you may want to bring some dishes to go alongside with the turkey (or other meat that’s served): it’s a great way to support the host and also make sure there will be something for you to eat….

This selection of recipes will still be healthy (with suggested modifications) and should feel special enough for a festive menu:

  • Organic free-range turkey: organic and free-range is important, because it’s better for your body, the animal AND the environment. Simply roast the turkey, by rubbing sea salt and a blend of herbs you like on the skin and then roast with its own grease or use some olive oil on the skin

  • Gluten free paleo stuffing: This is a nice one, I’d either use dates or apples but not both. You could also omit the fruit completely and add some gluten free cornbread instead… (you’d use less almond flour)

  • Low-sugar cranberry sauce: just fresh (or frozen) cranberries, juice + zest of an orange, and a little maple syrup to taste.

  • Broccolis and/or green beans: Simply steamed and served with olive oil & sea salt or butter

  • Roasted delicata squash salad with arugula, pomegranate seeds and feta (omit feta for vegan/dairy-free)

  • Fall harvest quinoa salad option (omit feta for vegan/dairy-free), possibly sprinkle with tamari or just roasted almonds instead.

  • And finally, my own dairy-free pumpkin pie with a coconut crust.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy Thanksgiving & holiday period!

Do you want easy, delicious & blood sugar friendly recipes that come with a complete pantry & shopping list, and 2-week sample meal plan ? Check out my hormone & blood sugar balancing cookbook!

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