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Do you feel like you're losing a week every month because you are suffering from:

  • PMS (Premenstrual syndrome)

  • Headaches or migraines

  • Bad sleep

  • Irritability & mood swings

  • Anxiety

Take my hormone quiz to know if these could be related to hormone imbalance.



I'm glad you're here, because this program will help you lay the base to get your hormones back in balance!!!



  • you will have regular cycles with no PMS or migraines

  • know how to work with your cycle to get the best out of each phase

  • get your energy and good mood back

  • reduce anxiety

  • get restorative sleep

  • know how to prepare delicious & healthy food with minimal effort

  • get rid of cravings 


I’m here to help you achieve this! You'd be surprised to see how much impact you'll see from shifting the foods you consume, implementing stress management tools and focusing on herbs and plant remedies to support your hormone balance.

I’ve gone through hormonal imbalance oh yes! I’ve had bad migraines, inability to lose weight, horrible painful periods with bad mood swings & cravings or even binge eating before my periods, painful breasts, …

A couple of years ago my thyroid was completely out of whack and I had no period for 250 days (amenorrhea). With the changes I made to my diet and lifestyle I was able to get back in balance!

I created this program for you, because I want you to have that quality of life as well that balanced hormones bring to your life.  


WHAT the program includes:

  • weekly 45 -60 min zoom video call (recorded and available on-demand)

  • learn how to prepare delicious hormone balancing recipes that are quick & easy to make 

  • access closed FB group & daily support 

  • hormone quiz & individual recommendations based on your results

  • me: I've done in-depth trainings on hormonal balance and have also accumulated much knowledge through my own experience :-)


WEEK 1&2: Pillar I - Balance blood sugar

  • We'll start off with a  hormone quiz for everyone to complete. I will provide individual recommendations for each of you

  • Quick & easy mouth-watering recipes to balance your blood sugar & hormones

  • Focus foods for hormone balance

  • Meet your hormones: learn how your cycle works and how to support your hormones with key nutrients

  • Call 1: The impact of blood sugar on our hormones

  • Call 2: Key nutrients for hormone balance


 WEEK 3: Pillar II - Improve your digestion to increase nutrient absorption

  • The importance of nutrient absorption

  • How to make sure you are absorbing your nutrients?

  • Call 3: Digestion & hormone balance


WEEK 4: Pillar III - Reducing inflammation

  • How to detect & fight inflammation via food & lifestyle

  • Meet your inflammation-managing hormone

  • Learn about hormone disruptors

  • Which anti-inflammatory foods and plants can help?

  • Call 4: What is inflammation and how does it impact our hormones


WEEK 5: Pillar IV - Stress management & sleep

  • Learn about the impact of stress & our circadian rhythm on our hormones and wellbeing

  • Plants and lifestyle tips that work to fix your sleep and get into parasympathetic state

  • Call 5: How sleep & stress impact our hormone health


WEEK 6: Pillar V - Movement/Exercise & hormones

  • Learn which exercise is right for you and at which stage of your cycle

  • Nutrients & plants that boost lean muscle mass & glowing skin

  • Call 6: The impact of exercise on our hormones


WEEK 7: Putting it all together

  • Your way forward after the program

  • Learn about which hormone lab tests make sense

  • Call 7: Final call Q&A



"The spring detox program was pleasantly easy to follow. Marieke guided the participants from start to finish and made it a safe and enjoyable cleansing experience. Besides feeling physically sound, my body is leaner, skin is clearer and I managed to transform our family cuisine to sustainable healthy cooking."

- Charmaine P.

"I've done really well on the Spring Cleanse:  thank you for showing me that it’s possible to start shifting the baby weight without exercising 3 hours per day! Contrary to what people think, it's the best time to do this program during confinement as there is no social temptations."

— Marney D.

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