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Don't recognize yourself anymore? 

I help women in their 40s(+) feel more energized, lose weight, sleep well and end the anxiety, irritability and depression!

Hi, I'm Marieke! 

I’m a functional nutritionist helping women with hormonal imbalances feel like themselves again! 

My approach is to use cutting-edge lab testing to get to the root of your symptoms and look at past trauma or other mental blocks that may play into your condition.  

I am a passionate health seeker who wants to help you restore your health using food and natural remedies. I believe that considering you as a whole person is the way to getting to the root cause of health issues. I’d be thrilled to help you on your journey to reclaim your health! 

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Read about my best tips and tricks for hormone balance, blood sugar regulation & hormone-balancing recipes.




I did the program with my husband and we were really thrilled. To be honest, the first days were difficult, but I felt so much better afterwards: better sleep, more energy, slimmer waistline and most importantly everything I learned. I will definitely continue!



Marieke helped me clean my diet before conception and during the pregnancy when I was flagged as a risk for gestational diabetes. I managed to control both through diet and could avoid being put on insulin.



I had the chance to know Marieke as a former colleague and understood already by then her untamed passion for healing the body in a natural and holistic way. When I decided to start a check-up with Marieke, I was rapidly impressed by her level of professionalism and the very unique, flexible and tailored approach, which rapidly provided lasting results. I can only highly recommend Marieke for anyone who wants to restore his health in a natural way, by using food and natural remedies.

P.C. / United Kingdom

“I was having migraines several times a month, tired every day by the afternoon, often shakey, I had constantly high anxiety and terrible digestive issues.

Marieke has honestly transformed my life. I know people say that and it sounds phoney, but in this case I mean it. When I have a migraine I can be in bed and useless for days. But since working through the healing protocol I haven’t suffered a single one. For me, that’s incredible, and a massive life upgrade. And since working with Marieke, constipation is no longer an issue for me - which I never thought I’d achieve! I am no longer shaky and tired in the afternoons and my anxiety has come right down. I’m much more aware now of what I put in to my body and how it affects me afterwards, meaning I have naturally become a habitually healthier eater, which feels way more feasible to keep up than a dieting fad."

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