Holistic solutions for women         struggling with
food sensitivities and hormonal imbalance.
Meet Marieke


I'm a passionate health seeker who wants to help you restore your health using food and natural remedies. I believe that only considering you as a whole person is the way to getting to the root cause of health issues and finding back to your balance. I'd be thrilled to help you on this journey!

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I believe that eating a whole foods diet based on local and seasonal food is the base for supporting a healthy lifestyle. It can be much easier than you think....

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Bioindividuality is key

I'm running group programs and offer tailored packages depending on your needs. Everyone is different that's why I work with a bioindividual approach tailored to your needs.

Tatjana H.

über das RESTART Programm: Ich habe das Programm mit meinem Mann zusammen gemacht und wir waren wirklich begeistert. Die ersten Tage waren wirklich nicht einfach, aber ich habe mich danach sehr viel besser gefühlt: besser geschlafen, mehr Energie, weniger Hüftspeck und vor allem sehr viel gelernt. Ich werde auf jeden Fall weitermachen.

English translation: I did the program with my husband and we were really thrilled. To be honest, the first days were difficult, but I felt so much better afterwards: better sleep, more energy, slimmer waistline and most importantly everything I learned. I will definitely continue!

Marney D.

Marieke helped me clean my diet before conception and during the pregnancy when I was flagged as a risk for gestational diabetes. I managed to control both through diet and could avoid being put on insulin.