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Do you want to get rid of your monthly migraines? ...and maybe all the other nagging symptoms that come with your cycle?​

I'm glad you're here, because this program will help you get migraine & symptom-free cycles!​​




  • you will have regular cycles with no PMS or migraines

  • you will not loose 1 week of each month being irritated, having pain and missing out on friends & family

  • know how to prepare delicious & healthy food with minimal effort


I’m here to help you achieve this! You'd be surprised to see how much impact you'll see from shifting the foods you consume, implementing stress management tools and focusing on herbs and plant remedies to support your hormone balance.

I used to have menstrual migraines, bad mood swings, painful periods, tender breasts, carb  & alcohol cravings, bad sleep and bloating before my period each month…. and now I don’t :-) 

At the time I didn’t know that I was experiencing these symptoms due to hormonal imbalance. By shifting my diet, working on my gut health and stress management, I was able to get back to a regular cycle with no symptoms! 

I gained so much life quality especially from not having menstrual migraines anymore and I want you to have that too!

I created this program for you, because I want you to have that quality of life as well, that balanced hormones bring to your life.  


In this 3 week online live program, we will lay the base for your getting your hormones back in balance.


WHAT the program includes:

  • Understand what estrogen dominance is and how it impacts your body, mind, and emotions

  • Learn what contributes to hormone balance and why certain foods, products, and lifestyle practices matter

  • Discover hormone balancing superfoods and how to balance your blood sugar

  • Identify the foods and lifestyle factors that affect you most in your body and its hormonal balance

  • Weekly guidance: 45 -60 min live zoom video call (recorded and available on-demand)

  • Access closed FB group & daily support in the group

  • Hormone quiz & individual recommendations based on your results

  • Me: I've done in-depth trainings on hormonal balance and have also accumulated much knowledge through my own experience 

How we will do that?


Week 1, we will:

  • start off with a toxicity questionnaire, helping you to identify and remove estrogen mimicking chemicals from your home

  • learn all about blood sugar and how it affects your hormone balance and migraines

  • gently move into shifting your diet to balance your blood sugar - this will be easy and hands on so you can follow it along with other tasks too


Week 2, we will:

  • learn about the balance between estrogen & progesterone and why that can cause migraines and other PMS symptoms

  • further incorporate and set your new eating habits

  • learn which foods and superfoods to use for hormone balance and which ones to stay away from

  • learn how to support your liver health and detoxification pathways


Week 3, we will:

  • get deeper into cleansing mode to excrete excess hormones from your body

  • working on your body’s master hormone balancing gland so you can enjoy long-term benefits from this program

You’ll walk away with an understanding of which foods and lifestyle factors impact your body and hormone balance and a new gained knowledge on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle and take optimal care of yourself in the months and years to come, so that your menstrual migraines are a chapter of the past.


VIP Option: test don’t guess! Include the DUTCH test to get a detailed overview not only about your hormone levels, but also on how your body is detoxifying these hormones. 

It's important to use saliva or urine samples to get the available free form of hormones. As the hormones circulating in our blood are protein-bound.



"The spring detox program was pleasantly easy to follow. Marieke guided the participants from start to finish and made it a safe and enjoyable cleansing experience. Besides feeling physically sound, my body is leaner, skin is clearer and I managed to transform our family cuisine to sustainable healthy cooking."

- Charmaine P.

"I've done really well on the Spring Cleanse:  thank you for showing me that it’s possible to start shifting the baby weight without exercising 3 hours per day! Contrary to what people think, it's the best time to do this program during confinement as there is no social temptations."

— Marney D.

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